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Junior Leaders School System has been established as a welfare institution embedded with the Philanthropic passion to educate girls from poor families. Pakistan with present population of about 180 million has over 52% female population.

The high rate of population growth, lack of educational facilities and socio economic problems confronted by a vast segment of society is depriving continuous education to the children. The uneducated and poor parents with extremely low per capita income have simultaneously been gripped by self-sponsored social and family problems by ignoring education of their children.Whereas,those parents who genuinely want to educate their children and are below poverty line cannot provide better education.Moreover,there is a social dilemma in our society and the domestic culture that a very large majority of parents give priority to their sons and ignore their daughter+//3//f/9-s education.This is a big social dilemma for seeking education because they have limited resources.

The poor parents can behelped through their daughter+//3//f/9-s education and grooming to progress and be guided towards a bright future. Education is the best window of opportunity and a ladder out of poverty, leading the entire family towards prosperity. Therefore, to support the national cause of improving literacy, this school system has planned +//3//f/9-FREE+//3//f/9 quality modern education forgirlshailing from poor/low incomefamilies. This in fact, is a Theme, aThought and a Theory, coupled witha mission and pragmatic approach to educate and groom girls.


According to a World Bank survey girls education is top ranked social investment and the study has highlighted following:

  • Ayear of good schooling for the mother reduced child mortality by 10% .
  • Educated mothers are more likely to send their children to-and keep them in school
  • An increase of 1% point in the share of women with secondary education is estimated to raise per capita
  • income by 0.3 percent points
  • Education increases women+//3//f/9-s productivity and participation in the work force.


Each child is entitled to the best quality education which must ensure equality of opportunity for all children. Prepare a child for education and lifelong learning amid happy caring environments. The girls must feel secure to grow and develop intellectually,socially,emotionally and physically to their full potential. The pupils be encouraged to also develop +//3//f/9-caring and sharing+//3//f/9 responsible attitude and must feel part of school, not just the class. The children are naturally inquisitive and we must aim to use this urge intelligently and philosophically to guide them to discover muchthemselves, thus laying a foundation for lifelong independent learning.

The renowned Chinese philosopher khan-Tzu (551-479 BC) spelled out the clear educational vision and strategy of human mental growth in following lines:

If you plan for a year, Plant a seed. If for ten years, Plant a tree. If for hundred years, Teach the people. When you sow a seed once, You will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, You will reap a hundred harvests.