Eligibility & Admissions


The eligibility and admission process needs to be handled holistically and passionately. This admission is entirely different as compared to admission in other schools which charge fee for every step of admission. Moreover, as parents would themselves be uneducated, but on the other hand extra keen to seek admission for their daughter, therefore, the onus of mature and passionate handling would entirely rest on school management.

The selection of potential pupils for imparting quality modern education and to follow a progressive curriculum the parents and girls aptitude and attitude must be ascertained during the process. It is important because few parents may later discontinue study of their daughter on minor domestic pretext. A girl seeking admission may be having very low IQ or even some mental retardation therefore, in such an eventuality, the parents may be passionately advised that their child may not be able to accumulate and grasp expected level of knowledge and would lag behind as compared to her classmates.


The selection process for girls admission is of paramount importance. The admission is open only to those girls whose parents/guardians have less resources to educate their children and are fully motivated and supportive to provide quality education to their daughter. The admission is open only for Nursery class of girls between 4-5 years of age.

The selection and admission be viewed and implemented in the backdrop that FREE EDUCATION will be provided (without any tuition or registration fee) including provision of books, stationery and uniform therefore, students be selected strictly on merit.


Grooming and education, initially for first two years more weightage is accorded to grooming. If a student is not disciplined, self motivated to learn the academic pursuit will be mediocre.


Each child is entitled to the best quality education which must ensure equality of opportunity for all children. Prepare a child for education and lifelong learning amid happy caring environments. The girls must feel secure to grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically to their full potential. The pupils be encouraged to also develop ‘caring and sharing responsible attitude and must feel part of school, not just the class. The children are naturally inquisitive and we must aim to use this urge intelligently and philosophically to guide them to discover much themselves, thus laying a foundation for lifelong independent learning.

The renowned Chinese philosopher khan-Tzu (551-479 BC) spelled out the clear educational vision and strategy of human mental growth in following lines:

If you plan for a year, Plant a seed. If for ten years, Plant a tree. If for hundred years, Teach the people. When you sow a seed once, You will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, You will reap a hundred harvests.