Eligibility And Addmission


The eligibility and admission process needs to be handled intelligently and passionately, but strictly as per the laid down criteria.This admission is entirely different as compared to admission in other schools which charge fee for every step of admission. Moreover, as parents would themselves be uneducated,but on the other hand extra keen to seek admission for their daughter, therefore, the onus of mature and passionate handling would entirely rest on school management.

The selection of potential pupils for imparting quality moderneducation and to follow a progressive curriculum the parents and pupil+//3//f/9-s aptitude and attitude must be ascertained during the process.It is important because few parents may later discontinue study of their daughter on minor domestic pretext. A girl seeking admission may be having very low IQ or even some mental retardationtherefore, in such an eventuality, the parents may be passionately advised that theirchild may not be able to accumulate and grasp expected level of knowledge and would lag behind as compared to her classmates.And, it is better for them to admit the daughter in some other school


A careful selection of daughters of motivated parents/guardiansbe made who genuinely want to educate their child by providing her quality moderneducation. As experienced and evaluated during preliminary phase of interaction with aspiring pupils that theirpresent level of educational standard is low and they would not be able to learn much unless their educational foundation is improved. Just to make a comparison that a child studying in class three of a village school is not able to comprehend and read books of class one of the syllabi of this school. Hence, there is a definite need to start the education from Preparatory class forbetter foundation, grooming and long term objectivity. The salient points are as under:

  • The parents/guardians be explained that if their daughter is admitted then they must continuously
  • cooperate with the school and regularly send her to attend the classes.
  • Once a student gets admission only her punctuality in attendance would help her to receive progressive
  • education and grooming +//3//f/9-TALEEM O TARBIAT+//3//f/9-
  • In order to extend this facility to maximum needy families, only one child per family be admitted.
  • However, an exception for twin sisters may be considered.
  • The minimum and upper age limit for admission is 4.9 to 6.5 years.
  • Copy of Form +//3//f/9-B+//3//f/9 from NADRA of the selected pupil is also required for record
  • The institution is providing +//3//f/9 FREE +//3//f/9 education including provision of free books therefore, to ensure some
  • level of personal commitment from the parents and stakes in sharing/supporting thecontinued education of their child, punctuality and regularity of attendance be the highest priority.
  • Parents/guardians will be responsible to arrange pick and drop of their daughter to the school.


The selection process for applicants for the newly established institution is of paramount importance. The admission is open only to those girls whose parents/guardians have no resources to educate their children, are fully motivated and supportive to provide quality education to their daughter.

Adequate potential in the candidate needs to be assessed as curriculum and teaching methodology is based on Oxford pattern and is compatible to the best English medium schools. The selection and admission be viewed and implemented in the backdrop that +//3//f/9-FREE EDUCATION+//3//f/9 will be provided (without any tuition or registration fee) therefore, students be selected strictly on merit. Accordingly, a comprehensive interview/counseling of the parents and the test for potential pupil based on two stages has been planned as under:


An application form in Urdu has been prepared encompassing maximum required details, particularly, about the parents, focusing at their will and resolve to educate their daughter. An interview/informal discussion will be arranged with parents and a test/interview of the candidate will be conducted by the JLSS administration / teaching staff in a very polite, relaxed and decent manner to ascertain parents strong desire and level of present knowledge of the candidate.


After the interview/test the candidates having even bare minimum potential would be short listed to appear in a written test to be held after one week.