Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology for imparting quality modern education to girls from uneducated and low income families has to be different, handled by fully motivated and passionate teaching staff. The dictum, if a student has failed to learn, the teacher has failed to teach. And teachers can’t be replaced with technology.

The basic flaw appears to be that teacher continues to be hired on the basis of experience rather than ability and motivation. One must look for right person for the right job. If a teacher cannot teach students by fully involving them to learn them the teacher has learnt nothing.

The in-depth studies and evaluation being regularly carried out internationally reiterates that teacher effort is a primary factor in determining better training outcomes in grooming and educating tender minds. What is needed is revamp of teaching methodology and visionary grooming of pupils targeting primary level education by enhancing learning skills with a solid base in literacy, numeracy and reading ability through creativity.

Fully devoted and professionally competent teachers must always focus that, in a race of excellence for knowledge there is “NO FINISH LINE”.



Best mentoring during teaching of lessons followed by:-

A good team of competent and passionate teachers. Ideal teacher to student’s ratio is maintained. The teaching staff professional motivation helps in galvanizing students teacher teaching and learning report.

Teachers continuous training on weekly basis through workshops, presentations and class handling holistically and objectively.

As per the qualifications and experiences our teacher staff is being constantly further groomed for following three tiers:-

  • Methodical co-curricular activities with students maximum involvement.
  • Inculcating passion to enhance spoken skills of English, Arabic and Urdu.
  • Inculcating presentation skills and personality confidence embedded with self respect.


Montessori qualified well trained teachers for Nursery and Prep Classes.

Subject specialist of core subjects like Mathematics, English, Islamiat /Spoken Arabic and other subjects main focus remains on student’s presentation and spoken skills through project based learning and presentations.

Qualified female coaches for different sports.


Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional stability. These activities go side by side throughout the year and sports activities continue on holidays also.

In our Foundation sports are not like a window show casing physical activity. Infact, it harmonies multiple energetic and initiative provoking activities leading for balanced growth.


Environments are cohesive, progressive and well blended maintaining a good balance between mind and body. Academic development, sports activities and sense of belonging with the institute are the main features. Inculcation of self esteem, I can, I will and I am the best acts as a tonic for tender minds.


PTM has been transformed practically like a joint venture. The educational triangle illustrates School and Parents are holding the base and student being at the apex. It has been experienced that unless mother is galvanized in the grooming nexus, the desired focus on student’s study at home cannot gain momentum. The parents teacher meeting is held the same day in two stages:


Parents                                     School

                             Educational    Triangle

First stage:

Centralized lecture and counseling of the mother/ parents by the Principal/ Administrator, highlighting the overall teaching, learning environments and problem areas. Special emphasis is laid on completion of home assignments. This process has proved to be highly productive as all the parents particularly, mothers feel elevated which builds up their stature and adds to the empowerment in the family.

Second Stage:

In second stage parents have discussion and interaction with class teacher where two more teachers also join in to share their own observations also. As students overall performance and personality development is given maximum weightage, therefore, mothers are encouraged to attend the meetings which also psychologically and socially elevates their pride and respect in the society.