Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology for imparting quality modern education to girls from uneducated and poor .background has to be different, handled by fully motivated and passionate teaching staff. The dictum, if a student has failed to learn the teacher has failed to teach and teachers can+//3//f/9-t be replaced with technology. The teaching is the most prestigious and valued profession and passion in the world.

The selection of potential pupils for imparting quality modern education and to follow a progressive curriculum the parents and pupil+//3//f/9-s aptitude and attitude must be ascertained during the process.It is important because few parents may later discontinue study of their daughter on minor domestic pretext. A girl seeking admission may be having very low IQ or even some mental retardationtherefore, in such an eventuality, the parents may be passionately advised that theirchild may not be able to accumulate and grasp expected level of knowledge and would lag behind as compared to her classmates.And, it is better for them to admit the daughter in some other school

Teachers are the key players in the class room and it is the kind of learning that takes place in classrooms that teachers have to be cognizant of. The basic flaw appears to bethat teacher continue to be hired on the basis of experience rather than ability and motivation

The in-depth studies and evaluation being regularly carried out internationally reiterates that teacher effort is a primary factor in determining better training outcomes in grooming and educating tender minds. What is needed is revamp of teaching methodology and visionary grooming of pupils targeting primary level education by enhancing learning skills with a solid base in literacy, numeracy and reading ability through creativity. Elementary through to matriculation/O level is where genuinely motivated, able and creative teachers can make the difference.This is of paramount importance for exploring and then nourishing the child genius.The educated females of Pakistan can set the tone for the progress and stability of our nation. There must be a fundamental design flow from the foundation by identifying lowest level of comprehension and educational grasp.This is vital in making or breaking the will,passion andmotivation of the potential pupil to receive the education.The syllabi are such that it must for first 12 to 16 weeks builds up theself-confidence and realization of hidden potential in the pupils.Here, art work and drawing would also be an important instrument for enhancing the love for educationamongpupils. A class may maximum have 18 pupils so that teacher can focus properly on every child. The groomingbe accorded high priority as this aspect gets more importance because their uneducated and poor parents may not be able to guide their childat homeor arrange extra tuition..

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